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  • Tom Liacas

    Tom Liacas

    Progressive power builder. Founding bottom-liner of Blueprints for Change + Senior Strategist at NetChange Consulting. More bio stuff: https://about.me/TLiacas

  • Anna Persson

    Anna Persson

    Creative — dabbling, and dancing across words, pages, stages, instruments, kitchens & gardens. Arts practitioner and currently grounded vagabond in Aotearoa NZ.

  • Hannah Quigan

    Hannah Quigan

  • Celia Wade-Brown

    Celia Wade-Brown

    Mayor of Wellington

  • Brendon Harre

    Brendon Harre

    Trying to optimise amenity and affordability values for urban areas

  • Grace Blackshaw

    Grace Blackshaw

    Engineering student, University of Cambridge. Writing about all things climate justice and sustainability.

  • The Only Black Guy In the Office

    The Only Black Guy In the Office

    Do you know him? Is it you? The trials and tribulations of a Black man navigating corporate life.

  • Human Impact Partners

    Human Impact Partners

    Bringing the power of public health to campaigns and movements for a just society

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