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Image from here

Caring for the climate crisis isn’t just caring for the environment

Picture from RetreatGuru

1. Finding healing spaces in our cities

BLM street in Washington. Source here.

From one crisis to another: which has been here all along.

Is online shopping sustainable?

This is how the air quality case study speaks for itself.

The similarities between response to COVID-19 and climate change are uncanny.

An Urbanist’s guide to quarantine

An urbanist’s guide to the lockdown period. Wellington, March 2020.

1. Drop the fear

How will our future cities be shaped by a climate where social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine, border measures, contact tracing and public health advice have been introduced to the basic vocabulary of your average lad? One positive thing about the pandemic: people are finally talking about cities in terms of health.

Photo: Oleksandr Polonskyi. Flickr 15 March 2020 (

Cityspiration — by Kia Carolina

Wellington-based urbanist. Life-long yogi. Feminist. Holistic wellbeing & healthy cities advocate. A person on a bike. Policy writer by day.

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