BLM street in Washington. Source here.

From one crisis to another: which has been here all along.

Is online shopping sustainable?

This is how the air quality case study speaks for itself.

The similarities between response to COVID-19 and climate change are uncanny.

An Urbanist’s guide to quarantine

How will our future cities be shaped by a climate where social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine, border measures, contact tracing and public health advice have been introduced to the basic vocabulary of your average lad? One positive thing about the pandemic: people are finally talking about cities in terms of health.

Photo: Oleksandr Polonskyi. Flickr 15 March 2020 (

Cityspiration — by Kia Carolina

Wellington-based urbanist. Life-long yogi. Feminist. Holistic wellbeing & healthy cities advocate. A person on a bike. Policy writer by day.

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